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Welcome to the B2B Go-To-Market Leaders podcast! The show where host Vijay Damojipurapu deconstructs how top good market leaders operate. In this pilot episode, he gives you a brief view of the exciting things to expect from the show. Get into this journey to more knowledge with Vijay, guiding you to navigate the industry while becoming the better version of yourself.

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B2B Go-To-Market Leaders Podcast: A Show That Deconstructs How Top Good Market Leaders Operate

The show where I deconstruct how top good market leaders operate. You’ll hear the strategy, their budget, what works, what doesn’t, how many people are on their team, their roles, who reports to who, how they set goals and more. Let me share some backstory. This is the second show. What I observed during my first was that I enjoyed the deep conversations with my guests and they did too. Conversations that reveal how they think about their journey and what inspires them to get better. Here is what you can expect from this show. You’ll get to listen to folks who are responsible for product, sales, marketing or even customer success teams. My desire is not to stop there. I’ve been listening to various podcasts across several domains over the years. A common pattern that stood up for me is that the podcast host speaks with experts and deep thinkers from diverse and adjacent fields. When it comes to the show, you can also expect to read about investors, entrepreneurs, professors and even bestselling authors. Get ready to read, learn and become a better version of yourself.

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B2B 1 | B2B Go-To-Market Leaders
B2B Go-To-Market Leaders: Read, learn, and become a better version of yourself.


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