Behind the scenes with top go-to-market practitioners to understand their mindset and tactics: how they define go-to-market, their journey to the top role, team, top of mind challenges and goals. Learn how product, sales, marketing and customer success leaders create internal alignment, achieve desired outcomes and help their teams perceive their customer in a human way.



  • B2B 6 | Lead Scoring
      Lead scoring is a vital element that sits at the intersection between marketing and sales. It’s something that companies need to think about from an early stage. It is a simple idea but it is often so poorly implemented that it doesn’t produce a lot of the results it is designed to produce. Breadcrumbs attempts to address the fundamental flaws of this process through a simple interface where people can design their own lead-scoring model within a matter of minutes. The company is the latest among several startups founded by Armando Biondi, the former COO of the digital marketing platform, AdEspresso. An active member Read More
  • B2B 5 | Go To Market Strategy
      Coming up with beloved products is one of the most challenging aspects of running a business. With a well-thought and properly targeted go-to-market strategy, this process can become easier and way more efficient. To shed light on how this part of the business works, Vijay Damojipurapu interviews Bhaskar Deka, the Vice President of AI & Analytics Products at EdCast. Bhaskar goes deep on how they approach the go-to-market in their company, from using silos to their full potential, discussing their current top priorities, and considering more than one marketing direction. He also shares how to maximize resources in doing analytics and why mentorship is Read More
  • B2B 3 | Aryaka CMO
      Marketing is the perfect job for people with co-dominant brains because it demands both right-brain creativity and left-brain execution. Before becoming the CMO of Aryaka Networks, Shashi Kiran had more than two decades of experience in business and technology roles across a spectrum of organizations, ranging from early-stage startups to industry leaders. Trained as an engineer but tempered in the industry as a marketer and a leader, Shashi has had the most experience in marketing and product line management, with some roles straddling the two. He joins Vijay Damojipurapu on the show to talk about the nuances of marketing for early-stage startups versus that Read More
  •   SEO and other full-funnel strategies may get you the most leads, but a more targeted approach in marketing is needed if you’re looking to catch the big fish. When it comes to targeted approaches, account-based marketing trumps everything else. Leela Gill, the VP of Marketing at Intelligence Node, specializes in this space and has a track record of delivering this strategy in the B2B SaaS marketing space. For her, account-based marketing is simply Marketing 101. Listen in as she joins Vijay Damojipurapu on the show to explain how this strategy works and how she engages her marketing team at Intelligence Node to deliver the Read More
  •   Many marketing leaders and entrepreneurs stumble into the space by sheer discovery. For Reid Genauer, that is from starting a rock band all by himself, which eventually led him to learn the vocabulary and skills to go and transition into the marketing world. In this episode, he joins host, Vijay Damojipurapu, to share with us that colorful and bright career journey and the lessons it taught him that shaped his thinking as a marketing leader. Notably, he dives deep into the go-to-market that companies need to utilize. Reid also answers some key questions that are often faced by many leaders in the industry. How Read More
  • B2B 1 | B2B Go-To-Market Leaders
      Welcome to the B2B Go-To-Market Leaders podcast! The show where host Vijay Damojipurapu deconstructs how top good market leaders operate. In this pilot episode, he gives you a brief view of the exciting things to expect from the show. Get into this journey to more knowledge with Vijay, guiding you to navigate the industry while becoming the better version of yourself. — Listen to the podcast here   B2B Go-To-Market Leaders Podcast: A Show That Deconstructs How Top Good Market Leaders Operate The show where I deconstruct how top good market leaders operate. You’ll hear the strategy, their budget, what works, what doesn’t, how Read More
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