Behind the scenes with top go-to-market practitioners to understand their mindset and tactics: how they define go-to-market, their journey to the top role, team, top of mind challenges and goals. Learn how product, sales, marketing and customer success leaders create internal alignment, achieve desired outcomes and help their teams perceive their customer in a human way.



  • Dive into the latest episode of the B2B Go to Market Leaders podcast, where Andrea Saez’s insights provide valuable guidance for product marketers and business leaders. By embracing curiosity, viewing product-market fit as a continuous journey, and crafting a thorough framework for positioning and messaging, companies can attain strategic alignment and excel in the go-to-market strategy. Remember to focus on creating a connected narrative, addressing scalability, and building an emotional connection with your audience. Listen to the podcast here: Understanding the Nuances of a Launch in GTM: A Conversation with Andrea Sears Let’s get into the signature question, which the listeners love. I mean, they love the Read More
  •   Dive into the latest episode of the B2B Go to Market Leaders podcast, where sales expert Tom Slocum shares his comprehensive approach to go-to-market (GTM) strategies. As the founder of The SD Lab, Tom brings valuable insights into marketing plans, sales motions, and customer success.  Learn about his journey from a sales representative to an entrepreneur, his strategies for building and scaling SDR teams, and the importance of collaboration and client involvement in crafting effective messaging. This episode is a treasure trove of actionable advice and nuanced understanding of modern marketing tactics. Listen to the podcast here: Expert GTM Insights from Tom Slocum: Building Read More
  • In this episode, Saima Rashid, an accomplished marketing leader and SVP of Marketing & Revenue Analytics at 6sense, shares her experiences, expertise, and guiding principles in navigating the dynamic world of marketing. From balancing the demands of parenthood with a thriving career to harnessing the power of data-driven strategies, Saima offers valuable insights into modern marketing practices.  She delves into her career trajectory, emphasizing the fusion of analytical prowess with creative marketing instincts. Listen to the podcast here Storytelling and GTM Insights through Revenue Ops: Saima Rashid, SVP of Marketing and Revenue Analytics at 6sense Welcome to the latest episode of the B2B Go to Market Leaders Read More
  • In this episode, Div Manickam, product marketing leader, product marketing coach, and author defines GTM as a three-letter acronym focused on achieving alignment across stakeholders and teams within a company, particularly when launching new products or entering new markets. Let’s step into the world of product marketing and discover the keys to thriving in today’s competitive landscape. Listen to the podcast here: Personal Values, Mentorship, and Career Growth: Div Manickam’s Journey in Product Marketing Hello again. Thank you for taking the time to listen to the newest episode. Or maybe it’s your first episode of the B2B Go to Market Leaders podcast but I’m deeply, Read More
  • Experiment and learn from failures, rather than seeing everything as either a total win or a total loss. In this episode, Jessica Gilmartin, CRO of Calendly, shares her perspective on defining go-to-market and the importance of coordinating customer-facing teams like marketing, sales, and customer support. Join us to explore the challenges of serving diverse audiences and keeping employees focused on the customer through initiatives like a brand manifesto. Listen to the podcast here: Being Customer Obsessed: Insights from Jessica Gilmartin, Calendly’s CRO  Let’s just get right in, which is how do you view and define go to market?  So I really think of it as Read More
  • What’s the secret behind crafting successful go-to-market strategies that stand the test of time and market shifts? In this episode, Mark Kilens, people-first GTM champion, shares how do you align customer problems with product offerings amidst the rapid commoditization of software development, and what role continuous learning plays in this ever-evolving landscape. Join us as we unravel the mysteries behind sustainable marketing, experimentation, and the pivotal role of people-first approaches in activating exponential growth for brands. Listen to the podcast here: People-Centric GTM: Mark Kilen’s Framework for B2B Growth Why don’t we start with the signature question, which is, how do you view and define Read More
  • By delving deep into the nuances of your product, market intricacies, and understanding the needs of your customers, you pave the path to unparalleled success. In this episode, Rabi Gupta, cofounder and CEO of EvaBot (Eva AI) delves into the intricacies of go-to-market (GTM) strategies. With a wealth of experience spanning consumer products, B2B sales, and enterprise solutions, Rabi Gupta shares invaluable insights gained from overcoming setbacks and seizing opportunities. He also sheds light on the different flavors of GTM and discusses the critical success factors essential for launching and scaling businesses in today’s competitive landscape. Learn from Rabi Gupta’s triumphs in sales success, as he Read More
  • Growing your startup is not as easy as it sounds.  In this episode, Canberk Beker, former corporate lawyer, founder, and now, Head of Growth at HockeyStack, shares the pivotal moments and strategies that shaped his success.  Learn how to switch from a broad approach to a specialized product focus, the importance of understanding your Addressable Market, and Ideal Customer Profile for effective brand positioning, and his unique approach to decision-making by balancing data and intuition. Join us in this episode to learn how to go from idea to scaling! Tell us more about how you think about go to market like what is in your Read More
  • Want to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of go-to-market strategy, where every decision presents a new puzzle to solve? In this episode, Kevin Tate, Chief Revenue Officer at Kivo and go-to-market executive with 25 years of sales and marketing experience reflects on the importance of patience in the marketing world, emphasizing the need for long-term strategies over short-term fixes, the importance of adapting sales approaches to virtual interactions, and The critical role of intuition in decision-making. From sealing big deals to tackling tough challenges, Kevin’s insights will inspire you to conquer your marketing hurdles. Listen to the podcast here   From Positioning to Engagement: A CRO’s Read More